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SAP Cloud Services & Solutions – Managed by SAP Gold Partners

SAP Partner Managed Cloud | SAP Gold PartnerSAP in the Cloud – Minus the Hassle

The full functionality of premier SAP solutions –
without the cost, time, and risk.

Among businesses large and small, SAP is a byword for smart software, but for too many its capabilities can seem out of reach.
Influential Software is changing all that – with the Partner Managed Cloud.


SAP Solutions – Flexible SaaS

At Influential Software, we believe that SAP tech can work for your business, large or small.

Managed cloud solutions can help your business leverage the power of on-premise SAP applications,
without the need for installation or product release management, in a flexible SaaS model.


Save time, energy, cost, and flexibility.

Choose a certified SAP Gold Partner. Trust in Influential Software’s experience and expertise.
Whatever SAP cloud services you need.

Why Businesses Prefer Cloud-Based Services

Don’t you think SMEs deserve the same SAP benefits as large enterprises?

Our services mean you can be running state-of-the-art SAP applications such as:
BusinessObjects, Data Services, Predictive Analytics, and Business Planning and Consolidation.
With low cost, effort, time, and risk.

  • No delays associated with gaining licences and infrastructure – it’s all ready, right now
  • No complications around costs and contracts – pick a comprehensive package
  • No up-front investment – pay by monthly subscription
  • No problem with flexibility – ask our team to make changes as you require
  • No limit to our services – relax in the knowledge that our experts are always there

Our service supports SAP migrations from on-premise to the cloud, with eligibility for cloud conversion credits.

The SAP Partner Managed Cloud is particularly effective for businesses with outstanding maintenance fees – as moving to the managed cloud incurs no back-costs.



Start-to-Finish Cloud Service Providers

With 25 years of high achievement in development, consultancy, and training, Influential Software is an established name in the UK software market.

Our dedicated SAP team is eager to hear your business goals and craft a solution. Explore the range of supported SAP products and ask our team to design a bespoke solution. Over the decades, we have developed a best-practice approach to implementation and support. The Influential Software process is well-defined, but fast and flexible:

  • Consulting to identify the goals and path
  • Designing your cloud environment
  • Making the migration plan
  • Moving to the fresh cloud environment

Once you’re in the optimal environment, Influential Software’s managed cloud services continue for as long as you desire. Our team is constantly monitoring and correcting for:

  • Capacity issues
  • Bandwidth requirements
  • Maintenance, ongoing
  • Cyber threats
  • Application support
  • Usage, adoption, and value

As well as managed cloud hosting, Influential Software works across a range of other products and services that can transform your business.

SAP Gold Partner Influential Software

Why Influential Software?

In a word, “trust”.

  • Trust that we will do a good job. We’ve successfully delivered thousands of projects for hundreds of customers, and have the experience and desire to do the same for you.
  • Trust that our pricing will be competitive. As well as offering a high-quality service, we do so within a competitive pricing structure to maximise the ROI for your project.
  • Trust that we will care. As a privately owned IT company with countless satisfied customers over the last 25 years, everyone at Influential is dedicated, passionate, and engaged with each and every one of our customers.