Influential Software: Optimised Cloud Services

SAP Cloud: Scale, Secure, Improve

Influential Software’s SAP Managed Cloud offers security, affordability, and full-time support. 

Moving to the SAP cloud is more than just wishful thinking – with Influential Software, it’s never been easier.

Discover how your business can benefit from enterprise-grade solutions without the time, cost, or stress.
Enjoy the reassurance of our on-call cloud services team. See the improvement in security, performance, and flexibility.

Leverage crucial SAP solutions such as BusinessObjects, Data Services, Predictive Analytics, and Business Planning and Consolidation.
Be at the cutting edge, wherever you are. Most importantly, trust an SAP Gold Partner to deliver.

Non-Stop SaaS Solutions

Influential Software offers a total package of SaaS managed cloud services for SAP.

From consultation through implementation to ongoing services, you decide what you want, when you want it – all with a simple monthly fee.

We offer the full spectrum of services to keep your cloud investment safe and optimised.
With our service, your IT teams can forget the strain of ongoing maintenance and security tasks.

SAP Partner Managed Cloud – Features

Business Cloud Security

Cloud systems require constant vigilance against the threat of cyber attacks. SAP solutions are critical to all your business processes, demanding a proactive security approach. The Influential Software team’s 25 years of experience mean your crucial systems are always in the safest hands.

Flexible Cloud Solutions

Businesses grow, and you need the scalable cloud to match. Our managed cloud services have built-in flexibility – just request the changes you need, any time. Scale up or down to meet new demand, fast. Compete with large enterprises by scaling up your capacity as soon as desired.

Cloud Tech & Application Support

Our managed cloud services are designed with your specific needs in mind. From ongoing technical support to application lifecycle management, our SAP team has the quality of your investment as its top priority. Holistic service, unending attention, and performance-focused results are the secrets to our SAP cloud success.

SAP + Influential = Your Business, Run Simple

Focus on using the SAP applications you need. Let Influential Software manage the rest.